Sweet Jane Education

One on one Hands on education with Nicholas now available to Book *see Class page

Spend time working on your craft under Nicholas’ guidance in our Hillcrest salon, where you will dive deep into consulting, developing the eye, refining your techniques and finishing and/or hand styling.

Bring a model/client and work on refining your skills, from razor and scissor cutting to event and editorial styling

$250 2.5hr session/Mondays

*upon booking we will send out a questionnaire to help us provide you an exceptional educational experience.

*50% deposit required upon booking

*call to Book your spot 619-894-0388


Education is the life blood of hairdressing  

We believe in a community that shares learnings, invites questions, knows the rules and breaks them in an atmosphere of openness and fun

  We get the most inspiration when working 1 on 1 with stylists. It’s like having a good coach that knows what you need and letting you discover how to find solutions


‘no mistake is failure but an opportunity’

‘the eye is sharper than the scissor’

‘its not about how much is on the floor, and more about what you left on the head’

“was it good 15 minutes ago”